Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Henry Rollins Just Moved into the #5 Position

On Sheena's List of Next Husbands.

Believe it or not, thanks Warren for the heads up on the clip...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Canada V. America - thanks St. Lance the Baconator

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kickin' Back

Peace, love and relaxation.
Sheena looks back fondly at this pic and visualizes those hazy moments before a good honest doze off on the couch.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yes. The Rabbit Died

Here we are getting all wound up over the fight over women's rights and Sheena thinks back to the struggle for choice she herself had this weekend.

A celebration of feminity and grownuppedness. Solidarity with her estrofesting comrades. Sheena was faced with difficult alternatives, but chose what was right for her.

No regrets or late night hauntings over this tough decision: The Slow Roasted Carolina Rabbit swiss chard and applewood smoked bacon ravioli, candied garlic jus ... 24.95

The bunny melted in my mouth. Like a moist gamey turkey, perfect with the Jovino Oregon Pinot Noir recommended and accepted. Slightly bitter sauteed greens, al dente baconish ravioli.

Sheena's girlie peeps had the scallops and African squash soup. But I think I won that night at Canoe. My nose is still wiggling and my tail feels extra puffy tonight.

The Georgians May Be On To Something - Part 2

OK my panty waisted namby pamby lily livered Canadian friends who have taken a case of the vapours by contemplating the chocolate-dipped bacon slice....

Sheena and the Cheek, embiggened and ennobled by the chivalry of St Lance the Baconator presents!:

The Beer Float. Double Chocolate Stout, Vanilla Ice Cream, with optional splooge of Hershey's chocolate syrup. Sheena's delicate constitution prevented her from full indulgence in this lactose laden fiesta, but she spooned a little bit from her dining room neighbour when she wasn't lookin'.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Georgians Might Be On To Something.

1. Fry up a pound of good quality apple wood smoked bacon (carefully, so nice and tidy and straight and crisp).

2. Open a pack of Crown Room sized Nutella.

3. Pick up a warm slice of bacon.

4. Dip bacon into hazelnut chocolate goodness.

5. Eat.

6. Repeat if not keeled over from coronary explosion.

7. Wonder what the big deal about sex is.

Thanks Cheek and St. Lance the Baconator for this lesson in Southern Culture.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cheeselanta - Part 2

Sheena had the honor of contributing the cheese course to last night's Cheeksivities. Thank god she has a Whole Foods around the corner.

Les Selections De Soir...

1. The The Humboldt Fog. Not unlike the beloved Quebecois Bouq Emissaire, this ashy Californian boasts a creamy gooey centre and dark bitter crust. $21 a pound and worth every drippy scoop. First encountered almost exactly a year ago at the original Cheek Weekend

2. Next up, Sheena's first Tasmanian cheese ever. The "Roaring 40s" bleu cheese. Strongly flavoured but firm and smooth... A bit of a nutty edge. Recommended for bleu cheese lovers. Named for the fierce trade winds in the Great Southern Ocean.

3. Next up is the Wensleydale with Cranberry. Nice balance of sweet crumbly cheese and tart cranberry. A bit messy to cut and much less spreadable if cold. Nice mild treat to offset some of the sharper selections. Good with plain crackers or something a bit nutty edged. Not salty ones.

4. Chevre with peppercorn crust. Nothing fancy or trendy.

5. 2 year old white cheddar. Basic and tasty. Especially with the accompanying sliced green apples and rosemary-olive oil toasted Marcano almonds.

Wines were all over the map according to preferences. D'Arenberg Spider Monkey Marsannes... Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay... Landmark Pinot Noir... buncha microbrews including some previously unknown Dogfish Heads...

Tonight... an unveiling... watch this space for a D'arenberg exclusive...

Birthday Weekend in Hotlanta - Part I

In honor (spelted American style because when in Rome etc etc etc) of The Cheek's Birthday this month, Sheena cashed in a whack o'Aeroplan points, convinced her evil Ottawaiian sidekick to do likewise, and booted it down to ATL for this weekend.

By the time we got luggage, grabbed the rental car, figured out directions and made it up to the designated evening watering hole it was going on 10pm.

First meal of the day was snitched cold fries off of the plate of the gang already there. They were excellent, and Sheena hadn't eaten fries in weeks, so she indulged. Kick ass burger that tasted home made, gooey greasy cheese. Only thing that pissed me off was the gross and disgusting pickle hidden under the otherwise stellar fries, making the bottom layer soggy and sour and a waste of perfectly good cholesterol and carbs.

But that ain't nothing compared to breakfast this morning... God Bless America.

Friday, January 18, 2008


How can you tell it's Blogging Sweeps Week....

Vote Class. Not Crass.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Screw the Primaries! Vote SheenaVision

And associated hangers-on in categories not graced by moi.

Best Personal Blog - SheenaVision

Best Prog Rocker - Sooey Says

Best Blog - WTF. Go Raymi

Here's a Toughie - Best Humour Blog. Raymi? Canadian Cynic? NineGramBrain? ugh... hate the pressure.

Best Biz Blog. Uninstalled, yay!...

Best Local Blog. Another ugh - Slurpees 'n Murder? SaskBoy? The Internationalist?

Bestest Conservative. Crazy Lady Central! Rachel? Joanne? Kate? Where's Ezra?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Midnight Pinwheels of Death

The appearance of the pinwheel sandwich in SheenaVilleLand means Something Big Is Going On. Sheena was very glad to have re-learned this Lost Art of Church Basement Cuisine last year.

With heavy heart, the pinwheeling this week was for her Crazy Baba's funeral lunch up in the frozen Manitoba hinterland.

After a difficult evening and endless nervous indulgence in food pickery... the leftover bits of real ham the mayor's wife brought over... the stinky lazy holubchi that is like fake cabbage rolls without the rolls, the bags upon bags of frozen perogies... at last the womenfolk got to work.

Essential and most critical task is the right crust removal technique. Crust don't roll and will ruin the most delicately mayo-whipped canned ham. If this part ain't done right in step one, the whole funeral will be ruined. Had to teach this to a newbie.

Mix up your choice of canned meat and Miracle Whip. Mayonnaise can be used in emergency situations. Ensure chopped pickles and canned olives touch everything so the sour-vile tinny taste reminds everyone that this is NOT a fun day.

Spread the meat mixture on the crustless slightly squashed down bread.

When spread and rolled, tightly wrap the sandwich logs in fake Saran Wrap from the dollar store in the next town over. Place on a cookie sheet and let rest overnight in a cold place like the swing on the back porch or the boot rack in the front porch.

After a restless night on a borrowed bed, get up and have a pot of coffee. Have a late breakfast of whatever wasn't polished off at 2am when everyone was antsy and upset. Find the least dull knife in the sink and wash it off. Slice the unwrapped sandwich rolls into 1/2" or so pinwheel slices. Try to line them up on the trays so they look pretty. Despite how you feel.

Admit the black olive ones look the nicest, even if you feel like you are being stared at. Wipe your pickle smelling hands on someone's coat when you pretend to console them with a hug. Finish your own crying in the shower when no body can see you.

Get dressed. Put on warm stupid coloured striped socks under the navy pantsuit you'll wear when you read the verse during the service. Walk down the street with your kid brother at your side not talking because your face will freeze if you do.

Say Good bye.

And stuff your face when it's all over with.

Dollar Store Randomness

Monday, January 07, 2008

Updated...Yeah, So I like a guy who's well hung... Big whoop...

Sheena could not resist and bought Crazy Saddam. To see it live and in person with a red dot sold sticker on it and have a drink (don't spill on my fucking art though) before I hang it {err... hang "him"... [sic] ... eds...} go to the Crooked Star on Ossington south of Dundas W 7ish or so on Tuesday Jan 8th. Tell Raymi that Sheena sent ya. Then duck fast.

BlogTo sez...

Marc Weisblott at sez...

Ok, maybe ONE good thing I've found in K-Dub so far...

Sheena and her ma took a run out to St. Jacob's Farmer's Market Saturday before last and got half dozen apple fritters - hot out of the fryer at 8am. We got 7 for the price of 6. Warning: they induce the kinds of groans and moans that are usually only heard behind closed doors. But on the upside, gives a gal something to think about when she's trying to humour her evening entertainment.

Farmer's Market near St. Jacob's

Sunday, January 06, 2008

If Condi Rice and Ross Perot had a Baby....

so totally and completely ripped off from Sooey. But only after she so totally and completely ripped off my Taser Ho story.

For Cheeky & The Beast (Zerb Do NOT Read This...)

Don't Tase Me, Ho!

Watch your back, Mary Kay.

On the coffee table, Shafman spreads out Taser's C2 "personal protector" weapons that the company is marketing to the public. It doesn't take long before the women are lined up in the hallway, whooping as they take turns blasting at a metallic target.

"C'mon!" she says. "Give it a shot."

Shafman isn't an employee for Scottsdale, Arizona-based Taser International. She's an independent entrepreneur who's been selling Tasers the way her mother's generation sold plastic food storage containers.

As a single woman who lives alone, Shafman says she's the perfect pitchwoman for Taser as it makes a renewed push to sell weapons to families.

The company agrees. Taser officials like Shafman's homespun sales tactics so much that they plan to build a living room set at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and have Shafman hold a Taser party for buyers and dealers. The CES, which runs from January 7-10, is the world's largest tech trade show.

Taser doesn't expect its dealers to start imitating Shafman. But spokesman Steve Tuttle says company officials think people can learn from her approach.

"When I talk about Taser, I come across as a salesman," Tuttle says. "When you see her it comes across as very real."

Shafman, a freelance construction consultant, says she always had a natural interest in self defense products. She loved the idea of the Taser, which would allow her to stop an attacker from across the room without getting physical.

She tried moonlighting as a door-to-door Taser saleswoman. But years of negative press about Taser made it tough.

"I got tired of being pushed out of people's offices," she says. "Nobody wants to purchase a product that they think is lethal or going to kill somebody."

A lot of people, especially women, need time to get comfortable with a unique product like Taser before they'll consider buying one, Shafman says.

So the Taser party was born.

3 Shoes Per Day Average Since December 20

Nordstroms Rack, ChicagoScore of the week. Deserves two pictures. Kate Spade, Nordstrom's Rack $99US.

Just for fun
Sensible shoes à la Sheena
$20 bucks each at one of the St. Jacob's outlet malls just outside K-W.


Whoa, Town Shoes 50% off

Makes me want to book a flight to Jamaica.

'Tis the season. Suck it Lulu.

Sheena's Travel Tips #7

Ha ha. Real or fake, I dunno. But funny. Found at Upper Canuck.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Bye My Dear Baba

Sheena and her beloved family lost their matriarch this week. Good bye my sweet crazy baba. Where else would we have learned in our preschool years to swallow whole raw bacon? And never put pennies in our mouths because Indians scratched their bums with them? And to receive the grace of God by chugging Grape Koolaid and Ginger Ale?

I love you and stand in awe at the sacrifices and hardships you endured just so that your children and grandchildren could have a peaceful prosperous life. The depth of despair and loneliness you must have felt as your family was ripped apart in the Old Country as a teenager. The brutal toil you worked at most of your life to provide a secure and comfortable existence for those around you. The bitterness surfacing in dark moments, but we always understood that you had been forced to lead a life we never needed to fear. We were Canadian. We were safe. Your world was different. We had choices. You had obligations. We thank you. And appreciate the struggle you had to bring us into a world of opportunity.


Well Lookie Here...

Broadsides... This could be fun... Welcome back Madame Z...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Day 2, 2008

Follow me as we stumble down the Magnificent Mile...

The Lonely Finale...

The fitting rooms in Victoria's Secret have video screens built into the mirrors. Sheena thinks that it is so women will think the ass on the screen is theirs in that thong and buy it.
Chicken & Mushroom Schnitzel at Miller's Pub

The Local Colour had the lamb special.

Refueling break between shopping ventures

Lobby tree at the Drake Hotel. Not the FCS Toronto imitation one. The Real One.

Sunset at the Top of the Cock

Microbrew tasting at The Stop and Drink. I think the four of us got thru the whole list. Maybe even twice.

Dinner stop at Giordano's Pizza