Friday, February 29, 2008

REMINDER! February is FREE MONTH - Winner Declared!

Almost forgot, my dear readers. But please be advised that in accordance with the decades long tradition Chez SheenaVilleTownBurg, February is Free Month. Post random scores or unnoticed big purse merch lifts here....

Updated to declare the Winner - The Georgia Cheek at

Nice one, chickie. I think I'll spend my day being free too...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

In Entertainment News this week...

The Globe and Mail today...

From Friday's Globe and Mail
February 29, 2008 at 4:00 AM EST

OTTAWA, TORONTO — A well-known evangelical crusader is claiming credit for the federal government's move to deny tax credits to TV and film productions that contain graphic sex and violence or other offensive content.

Charles McVety, president of the Canada Family Action Coalition, said his lobbying efforts included discussions with Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day and Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, and "numerous" meetings with officials in the Prime Minister's Office.

"We're thankful that someone's finally listening," he said yesterday. "It's fitting with conservative values, and I think that's why Canadians voted for a Conservative government."

Mr. McVety said films promoting homosexuality, graphic sex or violence should not receive tax dollars, and backbench Conservative MPs and cabinet ministers support his campaign.

McVety... Hmm... McVety.. where have I heard that name before?
Oh yes. That would be the president of the Canada Christian College. Home of the nation's most savvy cutting edge arts and cultural studies faculty... Suddenly I feel so comforted having these people guide my viewing choices. Yay Canada!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Playing Tourist Again

Crashed downtown Toronto on Sunday night because of stupid-early scheduled start to Monday morning meetings. Took the opportunity to put myself back in the shoes of a tourist and remember all the reasons why I became starstruck and wanted to move to Toronto back in May '06.

Figured I'd kick it off with a visit to one of my Happy Places, the Library Bar in the Royal York. Some things have been weighing heavily on Sheena's mind lately, and a bit of library mystical direction seemed like a good thing.

Alas. It was closed.

So went over to Epic and got a seat on one of the comfy benches on the bar side. Not terribly hungry. So ordered a Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc and the Tuna Tartare appetizer. Yummy, but the semi-greasy crackers didn't do the delicately spiced tuna much justice. And those big giant blogs of green wasabi shit just looked too gross for words. Like dog turds after too much grass consumption.

Love the Royal York. Love all those fine old former railway era colonial establishments. Sad though to see the lobby and dining rooms stuffed with pudgy name-badged poorly shod plebians on their one getaway opportunity from the rat race. Close your eyes hard enough and you can imagine the ghosts of the elegant and demure, the monied and the cultured. Oh well. Somebody has to keep the lights on I suppose.

Strolled around for a bit longer. Started feeling like I hadn't eaten enough so stopped into the Azure Lounge in the Intercontinental. Weird blue lighting made me feel like I was in Orlando for some reason. Decided on the Canadian artisanal cheese plate. Was quite delish, actually. Only downside was the idiot server. When she presented the plate, Sheena looked up excitedly and asked what the selections were... they were not specifically listed on the menu, and this is normally a good thing because it implies rotation of offerings based on what's good that day.

"There's a blue cheese, umm.. another blue cheese, a camembert and some cheddar".

And then she walked away. Sheena rolled her eyes audibly and then poking at each little lump delicately confirmed her visual suspicions of a Benedictin Blue, a Douanier (duh.. had it at home the night before), some Oka and an aged white cheddar.

My heart bleeds for any culinarily aware tourist who might have actually done some homework in an effort to bring some of this fine local produce home to tell his/her friends.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yay Me!

Thanks to my nominatrixes and voters, SheenaVision did runner up in the Entertainment Blog Category.

Shameless Magazine better watch their back next year.

But come on. "Runner up"? Like I even OWN any rubber soled shoes...


Saturday, February 23, 2008

More Music I Forgot I Can't Live Without

First hooked on these guys at the age of 17. By the same dreamy eyed angst ridden poet-boy who took Sheena's girlhood flower...

Have now rebought variations of this greatest hits set for the third time as of today. The last seemingly vanished somewhere en route from Toronto to Kitchener last summer...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE BASTARD.

I'm not letting THIS one get away...

Squeeze - Greatest Hits

Good Enough

Sheena is somewhat disturbed by just how many times a day she catches herself saying this lately. Whether it is a shitty half-way up the driveway only shovelling for her weekend rental car, or skipping the second proofread of a blog post or email, or ordering a glass of the Chilean Sauvignon Blanc when you really want the Kim Crawford but it's only sold by the bottle... "The mantra of the modern woman", someone said to me today. Ugh. Like a smack in the face.

I thought this for the 1/2 hour last night that was spent in Vincenzo's. The Cheese and Deli that my neighbours and colleagues rave about here in K-Dub. Did my second visit there last night and no. It's no Cheese Boutique. But...

A few Quebec cheeses, maybe a 1/10th of what C.B. has. But found my heart's delight little biscotti crackers that heretofore had ONLY been sourced on Ripley Avenue. A check mark in the plus column. Scrounged up a bit of Wensleydale Cranberry, an aged Beemster and some Le Douanier. Grabbed a jar of Spanish Caperberries, a handful of olives from the extensive array of open vats and hit the road, all of 5 minute drive to my house. Which makes it walking distance once the snow melts.

Which I suppose is good enough. For now.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Mennonite Humour

That reminds me. I think I'll do an apple fritter run tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No. This Time You Are Not Being Paranoid, I *AM* Talking To You

Thanks and Marsh.

Monday, February 18, 2008

F the F-Word

Sometimes a gal needs to tell it like she wishes she could see it.

With you I'm not a little girl, with you I'm not a man
When all the hurt inside of me comes out, you understand
You see that I'm ferocious, you see that I am weak
You see that I am silly, and pretentious and a freak

But I don't feel too strange for you
Don't know exactly what you do
I think when love is pure you try
To understand the reasons why
And I prefer this mystery
It cancels out my misery
And gives me hope that there could be
A person that loves me

Rescue me
Your love has given me hope
Rescue me
I'm drowning, baby throw out your rope

With you I'm not a fascist, can't play you like a toy
And when I need to dominate, you're not my little boy
You see that I am hungry for a life of understanding
And you forgive my angry little heart when she's demanding
You bring me to my knees while I'm scratching out the eyes
Of a world I want to conquer, and deliver, and despise
And right while I am kneeling there
I suddenly begin to care
And understand that there could be
A person that loves me

Love is understanding
It's hard to believe life can be so demanding
I'm sending out an S.O.S.
Stop me from drowning baby I'll do the rest

Rescue me
Your love has given me hope
Rescue me
I'm drowning, baby throw out your rope

OK F-Wads, No More Screwing Around

Final round just announced....
Now it's personal

Vote for me

Ontario is so-o-o-o-o boring

Today I miss Winnipeg. It's not lame-ass "Family Day", it's Louis Riel Day.
Twisted and tortured as all get out.

PS: Happy Family Day to all my kin in Manitoba. xoxoxoxo

Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Dusting Off The CDs Sunday...

Feeling worn out and the weather not helping the energy levels, so a good weekend to play some more old shit, grill a few steaks, open a Trius Red and veg.

What's Old is New Again #1. California Guitar Trio - Rocks the West live album. Saw them live at the Ottawa Blues Fest a few years back and was entranced.

Soundtrack from Everything is Illuminated. Not a CD I can listen to by myself.

New Pornographers "Twin Cinemas". Too much baggage to go into, but the heart still aches.

The Best of Morrissey... where has this CD been all my life.

Dispatch from Dictator Corner

And a Happy Birthday Shout Out to a whole whack of friends who thanks to the magic of Facebook makes Sheena wonder on your behalf. "Wow, so how does it feel to be the product of some random drunken May 2-4 weekend grope?"


Why Facebook Won't Replace Workopolis for Recruiting...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

OK... but Which F-Word, exactly....

Yay Me.
Thanks to some good online and in person pals, Sheena has been nominated for the new "Canadian F-Word Blog Awards" hosted by the funny and feisty A Creative Revolution .

This of course, throws Sheena into a dizzying swirl of confusion. Is she a femininst? Initially I was hoping this was an award for the most creative use of the catchall fallback phrase, fuck off you fucking fucker, but no... it is an award given to blogs that match the following criteria...

Progressive politics only, natch. Umm.. Why? Sheena has never professed a political leaning one way or another, and finds the label progressive a little annoying.
Nominated blogs must be women authored, or be a majority of feminist content. I have female genitalia, so OK on the first caveat here...
Nominate as many blogs as you'd like - the CFWBAs are a celebration and promotion of feminist blogging in Canada. The more exposure the blogs can get, the better. When I think about 'blogs' and 'exposure' in the same sentence, I wonder why Raymi ain't a given..
Nomination of your own blog is perfectly acceptable.
Nominations for posts and comments categories, will be eligible if they were written between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2007. Administrators (Pale, Prole, A Creative Revolution) are ineligible. 900ft Jesus is eligible at her own home site
'In the House and Senate'
Notice to the trolls: These nominations are for Progressive Feminist blogs, bloggers and comments. Anything NOT fitting those qualifications will be deleted. Fair warning. Take yer freedom uh speech elsewhere. I think there's a Freedominion poll somewhere you can freep.
But... I like trolls... and strive to be one...

But.. being an egomaniac at heart, I'll go with it. Just don't call me progressive. I'm a alpha girl in a male dominated world who likes slutty pin striped suits, expect men to shovel my walk and carry my things and don't own sensible shoes. Equal Opportunity Mocker I was born, and Equal Opportunity Mocker I shall die. Anyone reading a political slant into SheenaVision can kiss my curvy rounded ass.


Click here to vote for me

Vote for my blogmother Sooey here and what the hell, here too and oh for fuck's sakes.. here too, come on already and go ahead, one more... the attention whoring fcs...

And here are some Support Bras... though I would have nominated the Calvin Klein T-shirt seamless, it's been my favourite for a couple of years now...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On St. Valentine's Day Eve...

Sheena waxes nostalgic about the broken stitches that got away that one night in California...

hee hee... Thanks Birth Pangs! Y'all really oughta setup one of those CafePress sites...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Thanks Fil"... Sez Flat Saddam...

"I'm packing up and hitting the road...."

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Experience Has Made Me Rich and Now They're After Me-e-e...

Saturday Night Chez Sheena

Landing in Toronto right on time Friday night, Sheena jumped into her awaiting chariot and hightailed it down to the Crooked Star, to pick up her sweet little Saddam who had been sitting patiently all by himself since Wednesday night's Raymi Art Wrap Party.

Next stop was one of Sheena's sorely missed Happy Places in Toronto... the Cheese Boutique It had been wa-a-a-a-y too long. After wiping her bodily fluids off the glass window of the Quebec Cheese cupboard, she settled on the staples: Bouq Emissaire, Benedictine Bleu, the house paté... and a new one - the Normandy Mimolette The Mimolette was extra orange, extra hard, almost like an aged Parmeggiano... Cheese Boutique ages it for an extra 4 years on its own premises. (Yes, I always stick my head inside the aging cellar....)

AND! Quince paste is available at the cheese counter. Yay! Not quite as tart and pungent as the one Sheena got engaged to at Harrod's last fall, but it made for lovely company paired with the Benedictin Bleu and those yummy little fruit/nut crackery biscotti only ever found at the C.B.

Also an excuse to think about my dear friend The Cheek as I cracked open her thoughtfully gifted Marcona Almonds and finally christened my Atlanta smuggled Crate and Barrel Slate Cheese boards....

Though sans chalk. FCS.

Don't Drink and Drive...

...When you can smoke and fly...

Spotted at Chicago O'Hare, Friday Feb 8 on my way home... Double click on the picture if not clear...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rude Thoughts #1

Are female circumcisions done with box cutters?


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Guess The Blogger Contest

Sheena raises her bloody fist in solidarity in her fight not to feed the grasping greedy gender discriminatory tax system in this country [sic].

STICK MY FINGER IN MY VAGINA (and i'm on my period) AND WIPE IT ON HIS LEG (ok i may or may not have already done that once as a joke) (he deserved it)

Sheena's Dating Tips #4

Book-marked in case she is ever inspired to do a Dump His Sorry Ass 2.0

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Breaking news in breakfastvilleland

Microwaved bacon makes men impotent.