Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cheeselanta - Part 2

Sheena had the honor of contributing the cheese course to last night's Cheeksivities. Thank god she has a Whole Foods around the corner.

Les Selections De Soir...

1. The The Humboldt Fog. Not unlike the beloved Quebecois Bouq Emissaire, this ashy Californian boasts a creamy gooey centre and dark bitter crust. $21 a pound and worth every drippy scoop. First encountered almost exactly a year ago at the original Cheek Weekend

2. Next up, Sheena's first Tasmanian cheese ever. The "Roaring 40s" bleu cheese. Strongly flavoured but firm and smooth... A bit of a nutty edge. Recommended for bleu cheese lovers. Named for the fierce trade winds in the Great Southern Ocean.

3. Next up is the Wensleydale with Cranberry. Nice balance of sweet crumbly cheese and tart cranberry. A bit messy to cut and much less spreadable if cold. Nice mild treat to offset some of the sharper selections. Good with plain crackers or something a bit nutty edged. Not salty ones.

4. Chevre with peppercorn crust. Nothing fancy or trendy.

5. 2 year old white cheddar. Basic and tasty. Especially with the accompanying sliced green apples and rosemary-olive oil toasted Marcano almonds.

Wines were all over the map according to preferences. D'Arenberg Spider Monkey Marsannes... Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay... Landmark Pinot Noir... buncha microbrews including some previously unknown Dogfish Heads...

Tonight... an unveiling... watch this space for a D'arenberg exclusive...


At 5:51 PM, Blogger UpperCanuck said...

Sweet, sweeeeet bacon.

At 11:32 PM, Anonymous Doug&Bob Mackenzie said...

Fuckin' Eh !


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