Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Geo-Caching Expedition

On the way home from dinner @ Bestial, my new BFF took me on a bit of a round about route back to my hotel and confessed to me her deepest darkest nerdiest secret. She had become a geo-cacher earlier this year. For the uninitiated, Geo-Caching is a global treasure hunt carried on stealthily by GPS aficianados in the back alleys and parks and school playgrounds all around you. Don't get caught, be honest about the finds, and don't fuck with other peoples fun or property.

Our first spot up on a parking garage in downtown Oldenburg seemed to have been Muggled. (ie, somebody fucked with the cache object). Saw some lovely dusky views of the city though. Time well spent.

Then we proceeded to the next treasure spot. She'd already found this one, so with a bit of coaching she let me experience the kid like enthusiasm lost since Hide and Seek became uncool. When I was 20, that is.

Absolutely hilarious coincidence that blog buddy WhiteNoise had his first geo-caching day EXACTLY the same day Sheena did, but a few thousand miles apart.

Yet another thing to add to Sheena's list of things that fuck with my drinking and blogging time. Geo-caching, family, dishes, work, lawn care, bathing....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Shopping With Sheena aka One of these days I'll probably get deported

Yes those 2 stores were across the street from one another.

The Polyester Lounge

Bar next door to the Oldenburg hotel this week that caught the imagination right from day one. After a few busy days, managed to stick the head in the door on Saturday night. It was before 10, therefore dead and deserted as clearly Sheena was a rookie. NO ONE goes out before 1.... An extreme Sweaty Betty's vibe jacked up x 1000.

All of the furniture and decor was authentic '70s Americano

Music from time to time. Stuck my head in the door again on Sunday night with a work peep and they were showing futball to a few dozen 20-somethings in neatly organized rows of folding chairs. They do cinema too...

Sheena felt very very at home here.

Not a big rum and Coke fan - but a real hand squeezed Cuba Libre is to die for. Good Havana Club dark rum, touch of Coke from a real glass bottle, 2 muddled lime halves, a splash of Rose's lime cordial and ice. Had 3.

So you buy cocktails from the bartender (using only authentic '70s cocktail accoutrements) but you get your beer from this astoundingly still functional model 1.0 cold drink dispenser. Yes, for real.

I thought it was a Univac when I walked in.

Pretty small web presence, but if in northern Germany before you hit all the nothingness before the Danish border, check it out. Tell 'em Sheena sent you.

Yes, you can sit in the chairs in the window ledge. The cool kids do...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lachstranchen gebraten mit merrettichsauce, reis und gemuse

Brunch on Saturday at The Loft> a cozy busy bistro/coffee house/bar that was a much needed refuge in the middle of a downpour.

Clientele ranged from singles with nose buried in book or paper (ahem...) to noisy families with mothers rolling eyes at fathers to please get off their ass and give them a break so they could enjoy their wine and cake to beer swilling lugs looking for hair of the dog. Liked it.

Some prosecco while Sheena perused the menu. Went for the chalkboard special: Lachstranchen gebraten mit merrettichsauce, reis und gemuse. Was kinda winging it, to be honest. But all turned out just fine.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Random Market Square Shopping in Germany

Rainy cool day in Oldenburg, but Sheena has most of Saturday to herself so here it goes:

Kinda weirded out using my bank card here, but wtf. Double click for you weirdos interested in the gayitude of this building's architecture. Sheena has no idea what it is supposed to symbolize.

FCS rain all day long.

Farmer's Market pwned the parking lot!!!!!!!!!!

Oldest drug store in town as specifically pointed out to me by my tour guide. Hmm.
Apres dark is known as "The Party Line" - the main bar / bistro lane on weekends. More to follow...

Yum. Tons of cube sized free samples that Sheena shyly demurred and said no to because there were no more toothpicks left in the sample bins, until she realized that the concept of toothpick samplers did not exist and well, then just dug in with both fists like everyone else. When in Rome yadda yadda yadda...
Beautiful farmer market produce.



OK. Now this was just disturbing in a big way. The Marzipan Suckling Pig. Approaches (but did not officially cross) Sheena's far-sighted line of sight on the Good Taste Longitude.

See above disturbovision x 1 million billion trillion.

Marshmallows seem to be big here. Especially as Lego substitutes.

hahahahahhahahaha Dollar Store cum Ikea wanna be = shopping cart kitchen shit holders. Ricky and Julian Design Hause. "We're Really Big in Germany" trademark ....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Card Carrying Member of the Bestial Club

A most stunning and laughter filled meal at Bestial (ha ha.. I know) with Sheena's new BFF a crazy like minded chickie here in Oldenburg... by far the coziest and most charming city I've visited in Germany. Has the 'I could really live here' vibe 36 hours into the visit and counting...

She recommended some of her favourites, starting with the (Cheekism warning!) foodgasmic warm dates wrapped in bacon and lightly sauteed. Shudder worthy.

She had her usual - crayfish pasta.

Sheena did the lamb pasta with sherry cream sauce topped with argula. Incredible. Wine was adequate - the riesling was German but a tad acidic for our liking. White burgundy a bit blah.

But it was those dates. OMG OMG. Am going to make upon return home. If you're on the guest list bring your own napkins to wipe up the drool and other involuntarily released bodily fluids.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tongo Titty and the Trifuckta

Kickoff to Cheek-Peach-Sheena weekend was Mai-Tai night at Trader Vic's @ the Hilton in Atlanta. $4.50 for the world's 2nd best ever Mai-Tai. Uber dark rum makes the diff...

The band rocks...more on that later.
Prawn stirfry pour Sheena

Bananas Foster for dessert. Things on fire just taste better. Go figger.

Tongo Titty.


Exhibit A.
Shared the seared tuna appetizer.
Peach had the curry with random shit to throw into it.

So. Sheena's fans ask. What the hell do you chicks talk about, anyways. Well, Gentle Readers, this night the topic was "The Trifuckta". A Cheekism that just kinda stuck. The Trifuckta is quite simply the ability to find true and real fuckability. The holy trinity of connection for a chick.

We present:

1. The Mind Fuck - a girl needs a guy who can challenge her intellectually. Who can banter and buzz, who uses words artfully and sexily, who not only pushes the envelope but licks it too...

2. The Body Fuck - Unafraid, unintimidated, unrelenting. Someone who recognizes that skin is the largest sexual organ and can explore and demand in ways that sometimes surprises.

3. The Heart Fuck - someone who burrows under the skin and offers trust, respect and companionship. Who can tolerate a bad day and celebrate the good ones. A guy who will at least pretend he'll always take care of you even if you know you'll never need it. Who'll slip a can of tuna in your purse when your head is turned.

This is the Trifuckta. Does it exist? Have we ever had it? Do we know people who have it today? And then we turn wistful yet hopeful, and order another mai tai, and toast our friendship and acknowledge that sometimes 2 out of 3 ain't bad.