Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good Enough

Sheena is somewhat disturbed by just how many times a day she catches herself saying this lately. Whether it is a shitty half-way up the driveway only shovelling for her weekend rental car, or skipping the second proofread of a blog post or email, or ordering a glass of the Chilean Sauvignon Blanc when you really want the Kim Crawford but it's only sold by the bottle... "The mantra of the modern woman", someone said to me today. Ugh. Like a smack in the face.

I thought this for the 1/2 hour last night that was spent in Vincenzo's. The Cheese and Deli that my neighbours and colleagues rave about here in K-Dub. Did my second visit there last night and no. It's no Cheese Boutique. But...

A few Quebec cheeses, maybe a 1/10th of what C.B. has. But found my heart's delight little biscotti crackers that heretofore had ONLY been sourced on Ripley Avenue. A check mark in the plus column. Scrounged up a bit of Wensleydale Cranberry, an aged Beemster and some Le Douanier. Grabbed a jar of Spanish Caperberries, a handful of olives from the extensive array of open vats and hit the road, all of 5 minute drive to my house. Which makes it walking distance once the snow melts.

Which I suppose is good enough. For now.


At 7:07 PM, Anonymous M/T said...

Never give up.

You deserve the best.

Keep your face in the wind ...

Midnight Fire


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