Sunday, June 15, 2008

Belated Fredericton Fun Fest

In Fredericton a couple of weeks back. Managed to squeeze in an evening @ Wilser's Room for some non scheduled enjoyment and happily accepted an invitation from a mysterious acquaintance Sheena had met once in Toronto. What ensued was a lovely hop through the bitter business of Maritime microbrews. But within a few sips, anything that aled Sheena had been forgotten, and the troubles paled... "Porter", Sheena shouted, "Carry me home"... before the conversation turned dark, and Sheena and her blonde friend ended up at lagerheads...

God Bless Picaroons


At 12:16 AM, Anonymous Midnight said...

"Give me a Woman , who loves beer ,

and I will conquer the world ."

--- Kaiser Wilhelm II


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