Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Club

This week ate at the GeekStreet Hotel, the newish posh hotel which tries to make people from Kanata think they live in a real city and not an uptight overbuilt suburb where you go to jail for clothes lines and non-earthtone paint colours on your street-prominent 3 car garage.

It is there to serve the nerd community who are sick and tired of having their cool American colleagues stay 20 KM away because of the innate suckholage of Ottawa's west end suburbs (my best pals who live there already know how much I love them so just chill out you know I don't mean you).

Sheena loves interesting foodie experiences but there is a certain line that which upon crossed is just well, stupid. How many of my readers here would eat a unagi retention? I mean seriously. Does that not sound like some seriously infected intestinal disorder? Something protruding and swollen? No thanks.

I'll have the Club please. It looked very nice. First thing was to try a fry. Volumes is said about the quality of a place based on that first bite of french fry. It was lukewarm and soggy. I tried a second bite dipped into some kind of chile mayo. Nope. Disappointing.

The sandwich looked plentiful and it was. But the toasted bread was too crisp and because it was a triple layer, was too big to take a demure bite, so the corners of my mouth felt like it was sliced to bits by yeasty knife points. The roast chicken was real, which was a nice treat, but was cut in too small pieces so it kept falling out of the bread. The ones that fell on the newspaper I was reading I ate, but the ones on the floor I left for someone else.

Most pleasant part of the meal was one of my favourite Niagara ros├ęs - the Malivoire Ladybug - yum and so pretty in the sunshine.


At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OOh Malivoire!!! The only place I've ever been with real Wysteria growing.
The ladybug place brings me back to summer...driving around & sampling to our hearts content.
Sorry about the limp dick fries. Just think "there's no place like VJ fries" and you'll smile once again.

At 7:15 PM, Anonymous spy said...

ennhhhh ya, that place is not so good. When it first opened it was > $30 for lunch so the nerds stayed away so they added more sandwich type lunch items. Next time let me think of a better place for you & your colleagues to visit... There's a lot of gross buffets, etc. in the area too. THe Marshes (golf course) is just down Terry Fox.. it's about the same.... Do you like sushi? Sushi Kanata is ok... or Cambodian? There's one in Kanata South. I guess with the coworkers our favourite Kanata place is Rideau Restaurant (Chinese).

At 7:33 PM, Blogger Sheena said...

Sushi Kanata? Do they get the fish from the golf course or what? What the hell is Cambodian food? Cocktails in stacked skulls?

Tell me more! I love exotic travel.

At 11:25 AM, Anonymous spy said...

I am going to Cambodian place today. Last time I had Thai-style red chicken currythere and some spring rolls which were meatier than the Vietnamese type. Also they are supposed to have good hot & sour soup. That place is called Phnom Penh (sp?) and it's at the intersection of Hazeldean & Terry Fox. Sushi Kanata is alright too... but I never have fish. I get tonkatsu or tempura. It's at Kanata Centrum near AMC movie theater. Both of those are kind of out of the way if you're in a rush for work, though.


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