Thursday, May 17, 2007


All day in Ottawa yesterday everyone was yammering on and on about the Sens taking Buffalo 4-0 and that last night would be the night at the Stanley Cup playoffs come back to Ottawa for the first time since fire was invented.

Entertaining some Europeans and Antipodeans so we hopped into a Quebec plated car and after a watching 2 periods and downing a few pints at The Wonderful Pub Italia on Preston Street we headed to Elgin Street where all radio stations assured us that the streets would be mad with revelry and euphoria. Tow trucks were out in full force removing vehicles from the streets in anticipation of crowd craziness flowing with hockey fever.

Ok, umm... so where the hell is everybody. The pubs were busy enough, but the street was completely empty. I felt very bad for all of the media vehicles from NBC and CBC trolling the sidewalks for action and mayhem, but found only Sheena teetering in heels from the Fox 'n Feather to Big Daddy's because bad hockey makes me crave Malpeque oysters.


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