Friday, May 11, 2007

Counting College Calories

Spent the evening traipsing up and down College Street in the funky Little Italy section.
Cocktails started at the long-on-the-to-do-list Sutra Tiki Bar. We were kind of early so it was quiet, but that made it easy to explore. After almost breaking a neck on a poorly lit step, was giggly happy to put my feet in the sand on the back patio especially since my pre-Jamaica pedicure still looked really good and my heels were still smooth.

The mai-tai looked kinda purty, but didn't crack the Top 5 list (Positions 1 and 2 held by Don Ho's in Honolulu and Trader Vic's Atlanta respectively). Guess all the self proclaimed Tiki authorities had a point with this particular drink. The second cocktail was a home run though, the Lychee Tiki martini, garnished with a big old eye-ball sized lychee. Remind me to tell you about my lychee-coated fingers that smell like sex story some time soon.
By the time we finished drink #2 the streets were packed with merry makers and Thursday night out people. Stopped in for a bite to eat at the College Street Bar and Grill and had an absolutely delicious meal. Sat at the bar and split some good garlicky bruschetta type starter and then moved on to a very yummy smoked chicken pancetta linguine. Would have again. Only criticism is the place's website. It falls into the "get over yourself useless web designer and quit making people load so much stupid crap before we get to see the menu" category.

Dessert at Dolce. Gelato doesn't make my stomach curdle like most ice creams, so we indulged freely in dark chocolate, cringingly tart limon and I snuck in a bit of pistachio on the side.

Strolled in the warm summer night, watching the people go by. As I'm sure they were watching us.


At 6:01 PM, Blogger Marky Mark said...

We tried Dolce. Very good pick, although I made the mistake I always make and got mint chocolate chip-good for a few spoons but then too strong. The dark chocolate was a crowd pleaser.

Now you've given me a new destination to run to when I run at lunch.....

At 6:27 PM, Blogger raymi lauren said...

i love that place.


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