Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lunch with the Cheek, the Peach and the Tallahussy

First time at a Seasons 52 in Atlanta on Friday. A new chain-ish place part of the Olive Garden/Red Lobster conglomerate. Actually pretty decent food. Concept is all about local fresh seasonal menus, always changing specials and surprisingly interesting wine list. Waiter was pleasant, helpful and most importantly - patient with us.

A celebration of girlitude and new beginnings and finding balance.

Tomato flatbread

Sheena picked the bubbly. Selected the Schramsburg. One of my fave stops on the Napa/Sonoma wine tour route. Nothing quite like a little grope and copped feel in the depths of their turn of the century mountainside caves.

Dessert - $2.50 each. Pick & mix & share is the intention.


I did the Rocky Road.
Grilled Duck breast salad with dried cranberry, fresh pineapple. Was absolutely wonderful. Presentation was kick ass. Play the video below.


At 10:34 AM, Blogger raymi lauren said...


at first glance at the wine i thought it read miserable, LIKE MY LIFE.


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