Saturday, August 09, 2008


Took some of my favourite work chickies out for din-dins this week a few miles down the road in St. Jacob's village. They wanted to shop, but it being a week night in a God-fearing town, they were S.O.L. Put a few nose prints up against the shop windows until we decided we were hungry enough to find a patio and get the vino flowing.

Not much open on what is clearly theme night "Ghost Town Wednesdays". Except for Benjamin's. Gorgeous bountiful oversized flower baskets everywhere we turned, and even though the patio was off the main street, the lush fragrant decorations lured us in.

Mostly light meals, salads, double appetizers, some pastas and fish. Chick food, I suppose. Decent California red and some VQA whites by the glass.

Uber garlicky and wonderful caesar salad loaded with fresh grated parmesano accompanied by the goat cheese strudel parcel topped with real fresh cranberry compote. Did a Sauvignon Blanc on the side (Chilean, sadly... as the VQA Vineland Estates Riesling I really wanted was the semi sweet, not the citrusy dry j'adore so much).
Would recommend a return visit. Patio was pretty quiet and casual. Inside looked like it could be a little more of a dress up kinda place.

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At 2:59 PM, Blogger raymi lauren said...

fil has biz in yer hood pretty much weekly, maybe one day ill tag along with and you can get me loaded and full of foods?

At 7:01 PM, Blogger Sheena said...

It's a deal as long as we can relive this post of yours frame by frame The Loser In Kitchener

At 10:07 AM, Blogger raymi lauren said...

we can top it, you can make a video of me falling down the water tower stairs with a wine moustache.

At 8:09 PM, Blogger Sheena said...

OK. Have your people call my people. Just hope before the snow comes. My sked just suddenly got incontinental in big way again.


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