Monday, August 04, 2008

In Which Sheena Takes A Firm Stand on the Side Of Truth and Proper Temperature

For the last 3ish years Sheena has been on and on about her undying love for The Cheese Boutique and some annoying voices in the back of her head and also random foodie mommy bloggers keep going on and on about Pusateri's! Pusateri's! Pusateri's!

Oddly... Sheena had every intention of being at the Cheese Boutique at exactly the same minute as Raymi when her driver said, screw the west end, let's go north, visit a friend and you can check out Pusateri's.

It was my first time. And well, I had hoped for more. It was good enough. I mean, not like I'd never do it again. But Sheena longed for what was familiar and good and pure and properly climatized.

Don't get me wrong - the quality of everything at Pusateri's was top notch. But come on folks. The Cheese departments are not even in the same species. Everything at P's was pre cut, refrigerated, not clearly marked, a hovering clerk hanging around in case of a question. NO Bouq Emissaire! The Mimolette (which I bought) coulda been cheddar for all I could tell. NOT aged. Ciel de Charlevoix was cold like the hand of death but thankfully held its own and turned itself out perfectly after a 2 hour car ride on a hot day in a beater with no A/C. Everything seemed a touch more expensive, less cared for, overly Saran-wrapped, and just a bit unloved.

Homesick smells like hockey bag.


At 12:09 AM, Anonymous jason bo green said...

I remember when there was a "Pusateri's" downtown, just a tiny little hole-in-the-wall family grocery joint. It closed, and it was a bit sad. Just last week I heard of this totally different Pusateri's that sold upscale foodstuffs -- I never knew it existed. Well, if it doesn't make your grade, then I'm sticking to Global Cheeses and Cheese Magic in Kensington for sure!

At 2:42 PM, Blogger raymi lauren said...

that day was wicked hot


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