Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wallpaper* Recommends: PBR King Cans and Pickled Eggs

Wallpaper* Magazine and Fodor's can't be wrong. Apparently the hippest place around is the Communist's Daughter on Dundas W. near Ossington.

Stopped in last night for a drink. Hole in the wall, seemed friendly enough. Chalkboard menu of sandwiches and snacks up on the wall. Pickled eggs $1 each.

Hmmm... what to drink... obligatory local microbrew? Mill St? Creemores?

Whoa, there mama... Sheena sees what she wants. Her companion spies the same chalky Summer specials list. When the bartender stops by the table, we proudly ask for the $3 offering. "PBR!", we exclaim. "Pardon me?", the bartender asks... We're a little confused. Maybe the sign hasn't been changed since the summer of '78 and no one has noticed until now. "PBR!", pointing to the wall. "Oh, Pabst. Sure". He had never heard it called PBR before. We shook our heads, fearing the worst.

On the upside, while bringing our second round and clearing away the empty cans, he did very kindly ask if we wanted to "crush 'em" before he bussed them away. We sincerely appreciated the reminder. Closed our fists around the empties and heard that distinctive tinkle of folding aluminum immediately before the crack-hiss of the next cold one.

We tipped well. And will return, I am certain of it.


At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Noel said...

You're a true connisseur, Sheena!


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