Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fred's Not Here

In the thick of the France victory laps enjoyed by the local Citroen community, Sheena took her out-of-town guest to one of her favourite good-old-reliable-standby spots on King W. Never has failed me yet. This was the place that first introduced me to the D'arenberg Cabernet Sauvignon blend "The Galvo Garage".

Last night was the uber-garlicky caesar salad followed by the Duck Confit with Celeraic Mash. Washed down with the surprisingly nice and buttery Mike Weir Chardonnay.

The American guest was all a-twitter over the street side commotion post-World Cup and asked if we dared sit patioside to be part of the action. Explained it was the French flag that was on the car. Got a great table. It was noisy and lovely and nobody got shot.


At 11:14 AM, Blogger The Imp ;-) said...

for obvious reasons, always chuckle whenever i go by FNH.


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