Saturday, March 22, 2008

More Things from under Baba's Bed

Family weekend in Winnipeg. Slowly sifting through the relics and remnants of the precious possessions of Sheena's Crazy Baba. Boxes of papers, old books, bags and bags of knitting unfinished and fabric scraps unsewn. Bank statements from before I was born. CNR handbooks from an era when long term disability was worth 24 cents a day. Dresses and sweaters that would make Foucault weep.

And this.

Sheena's Gido. c. 1945, before he married Baba.

Wanne Eickel, Germany


At 6:26 PM, Anonymous M/T said...

Sheena, Happy Easter, to you and your family, and friends.

Your family history is fascinating...

My father spent time in the labour-camps as well.
He had originally stayed behind, to help look after his mother and siblings, after my grandfather volunteered to join the German Army, to fight the hated Russians.

(14th Grenadiers, later known as the First Ukrainian Division).

Meanwhile, my father, still in his mid-teens, was rounded up with others, and shipped off to Germany.

It was a no-win situation, but somehow they all survived the war.

As you say, how lucky we are, today...


Sunday, March 23

At 4:59 AM, Anonymous N said...

For anyone interested, here's a
historical overview of the times:


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