Sunday, December 30, 2007

Family Time with Sheena

Random family shit this week with the beloved siblings and mater...

Remember to always use cut up guts like liver for a kick ass turkey stuffing. And dried apricots..yum.

Roast pork on lead soaked gold trimmed dishes. Adds that subtle little Goldschlager riff to the marinade post-facto.

Niagara Falls in the winter. Not romantic. Just bone-numbing cold in a way that almost makes you wish you were at home with the rellies kind of way...

Best gift this year. A $1 Value Village purchase. New material for SheenaVisions well into 2012.

Signage says it all.

Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire home decor. 2008 theme to get me through the brain numbing boredom of living on the goddamn fucking farm.


At 9:39 AM, Blogger Whitenoise said...

Another view of the falls in winter.

Sounds like you had a great visit, but what happened to Crazy Baba??


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