Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ode to Ottawa Fast Food

O wild Marroush, thou breath of garlic's being,
Thou, from whose counter presence the lettuce chopped
Is wrapped, like babes in swaddling clothes,
Browned, and spiced, and lean,
and spicy red,
Marinated-chicken magnificence:
O thou, Who carefully peels the tinfoil from its prey
The pickled seeds, where they lie cold and pink,
Each like a ruby within the ore,
until Thine twisted sister of the 'Peg shall blow chunks
Her clarion o'er the beersoaked earth, and fill
(Driving a borrowed rental car like hell down Elgin feet in air)
With living hues and odors strong and real:
Wild Shawarma, which art dripping everywhere;
Destroyer and preserver; another to go!


At 9:17 AM, Anonymous spy said...

you got beef? I always get chicken! Can you get a picture of the guy or his album of nekkid ladies?

At 9:18 AM, Blogger whitenoise said...

Mmmmm....shawarama. Too bad Maroush is so far from the hotels we use.

My new favourite is Kababji in Halifax (actually Dartmouth, but same diff...)

At 9:35 AM, Blogger Sheena said...

Spy, I will try to do that next visit. I am pretty sure I'll be back in Ottawa for the Canada Day weekend.

At 3:43 PM, Anonymous sooey said...

I no longer partake of the shawarma. I can, however, nurse a cranberry soda for more than two hours. Just.

At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Saskboy said...

Is that on Dalhousie St.? That's my fav in Ottawa.

At 6:32 PM, Blogger Sheena said...

Nope - Marroush is on Elgin Street, right at Gladstone


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