Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Though coulda been a CFL promo gone wrong...

Sitting at dinner on Tuesday night and the phone rings.

"Where did you say you were on Sunday night"? The Tavern United patio downtown in the CTV building, why?" OMG!

Turns out there was a bomb threat at the Winnipeg CTV station while Sheena was 2 blocks away but missed the whole thing.

The Tavern United was a real treat. It didn't exist when Sheena was a full time 'Pegger. The building last I recall was some half abandoned parking garage. Now it is a multi-level pub/restaurant/sports bar with a kick-ass patio that feels like it belongs in another city. Great view of the south part of downtown, especially if you squinted your eyes in the sunset and pretended not to see the rubbies and homeless guys. Made me hopeful.


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