Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Secret World of Airplane Bathrooms

That little guy walking towards the toilet looks like he couldn't wait. Or was super overexcited about something.

Sheena likes Air Canada bathrooms best because they have the yummiest Fruits and Passions hand soap. I love the way they smell. Miss the Molton & Brown that Canadian used to have, but I'll live.

The person before me clearly did not. I did not touch the dirty snot rag.

Sheena always feels awful when she opens the door and hits a crew member. I try to remember to open slowly and make a lot of clanging noise as a heads up.
I have been lucky to have never experienced first hand some of the well known horror stories about long haul flights or hours long ground delays that push the delicate systems to the limit. The preferred approach, however, is to hold it. Which is why wine is preferable to beer as the go-to travel beverage.


At 8:27 PM, Blogger Antonia Z said...

Worst. Flight. Ever.

Alitalia. Steerage. Mid-80s. Just before Xmas.

It was loaded with grannies carrying bags of yogurt (or God knows what) and screaming kids and it seemed like everybody on the plane smoked. My eyes were tearing the whole time.

Anyway, somebody musta told these folks never to sit on the toilet seat for sanitary reasons.

Which meant you needed hip waders for the head.

You did NOT want to be on that flight, believe me.

At 12:37 AM, Blogger Joe said...

I think if I tried to take my camera into the Air Canada bathrooms I would be escorted off the plane by security...
Up front I love the Codorniu Cava as an in-flight beverage. In the back, water.

At 5:27 AM, Blogger whitenoise said...

I could tell you many things about those lavs... for example, did you know that we can see the pressure bump on our instruments when you flush?

Or, many stories about walking in on people who forget to latch. (Why can't it ever be a hot chick when this happens to me...?)

Amusing stories about the "walk of shame" would-be mile-highers take after amorous activities. (Did you really think nobody would notice two people trying to sneak into a cardboard broom closet?)

Some disgusting stores about lavs on flights to India. (How is it that there are actually people traveling by jetliner who don't know how to use a toilet?)

...mundane facts about the setup, operation, servicing and wiring, but even al queda doesn't want to know about that...

Finally, about the wiping thing... I always do this. Not as part of being a service industry, but as common courtesy for the next person. We all share the place. Have some respect. Keep it tidy.


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