Sunday, June 17, 2007

Foxley Lady

Saturday was a nine hour romp all over the Queen & Ossington corridor. Dinner - at the half way point was at the new tapas-style place Foxley. Sheena's had it on her to-do list since it opened and pushed it to the top of the list after reading this Toronto Life review and saw the picture of the duck liver mousse parfait. (Dammit, didn't see it on the menu yesterday... grr...)

Fun wine list and on a hot summer night a whole whack of Ros├ęs by the glass was a nice treat. Started with the blue crab and avocado salad. It was gorgeous. El Chaperone thought it was a little heavy on the cilantro, but Sheena loved it. Also tried some lamb and duck dumplings that were OK, nice sauce, but not nearly as spectacular as the crab salad.

We split two main courses - the tomatillo grilled flank steak and the tea-smoked quails. El Chaperone was gaga for the quails. I let him have the extra piece and polished off the heirloom tomato salad that accompanied it.

Pretty limited dessert offerings for now (still working on it) so we ended our meal with a port and an amontillado. Not a cask, just a glass.

Foxley in Toronto


At 11:59 AM, Blogger Marky Mark said...

Not open Sundays-boo hoo! (We dropped one of the kids off at Bathurst and Queen to hears some friends play in a band there and thought we'd try this place. Instead we sat outside at The Beaconsfield across from The Drake. Nice spot.


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