Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dourquey NASCAR Sponsorship

Ugh. Sheena has resisted commenting on this most unfortunate mix of good old fashioned fuel-burning and politics. She and her krewe of Beer Garden Queens [tm] have been avid enthusiasts of several of the top tier race series for years and years and years. I mean, what self respecting gal could ever resist the lures of nose-to-tail contact, roll-over protection, multi-entry teams, and Nomex underpants? Eh?

So the Conservative Party threw a few bucks at token Can Con driver Bourque for a few of the closed wheel races this year. Sheena does not particularly give a shit, but she does question the wisdom and optics of choosing the Nascar/Cascar league over the more well established Canadian fan bases in Champ Car, IRL and F1. At least Champ and IRL have active and successful Canadian drivers with a shot at Victory Lane.

Plus, I mean, like. OPTICS! you asshats.. OPTICS!

Race fans who like open wheel usually don't like NASCAR because it is BORING! Round and round and round all friggin day long.

And ironically - they can only turn left...

Ouch baby.

I don't know WHY I give away this shit for free. FCS.


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At 7:14 AM, Anonymous M. Uttonjef said...

When is Dion and his party going to apologize for the criminal Adscam fleecing they waged against our country ?


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