Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Word of the Day #1

Sheena expanded her vocabulary this week courtesy of some UK-based associates and related hangers-on. The word of the day that I share with you is "Minger". Basic definition is: "An ugly or unattractive person".

According to authoritative sources, the term originates either from Australia, or maybe Wales, though is most widely used in Northern England and Scotland. Gaining traction since the early '90s, the Minger phenomenon has given birth to public service data sources such as (See "Minger of the Week"), (a refreshing alternative to 'Hot or Not', as well as inspiring a whole new consumer demographic.

Now, Sheena's problem this week is that she has things to do. People to see. Things got all messed up when I looked at a message passed to me, and the guy's title was listed as "Mgr".

Uh oh.

When I spoke with the Account Manager, all I could think was "Account Minger". Now guy who settled the evening drink tab is the Bar Minger. The nice lady who coordinates the courier packages is the Office Minger.

Now, Sheena knows that more than one geekoid reads her blog. With that I leave to you all an endless world of possibilities as you navigate the perilous world of project, product, network, database, and website mingers. Enjoy.


At 3:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't fuck with me, sheena. is it with a soft or hard "g".

At 8:58 PM, Anonymous pam said...

I know that I have far too many mingers in my work and life. And tha is minger with a hard "g", for me at least.


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