Friday, June 30, 2006

Canada Day! Our National Day of Celebration on July 1st... but if that doesn't work for you...

Canada Day this year in London comes on June 30. Yes, yes, Sheena realizes what she's just said. But you see, there are other more pressing issues over here, as many of you ignorant Colonials probably have failed to appreciate.

Earlier this week, Sheena squealed and had to be peeled off the ceiling when she was offered a name on the checklist at the Official Taxpayer Subsidized Federally Sanctioned Canada Day event at Trafalgar Square.

But then she was informed.. yabbut it's on Friday. Hope that works for you. Umm.. No. Because Canada Day is SATURDAY. Not FRIDAY. So why the hell do I need to readjust my schedule to celebrate Canada on June 30? Eh?

So instead Sheena rushes out to meet up with fellow Dominionites at the legendary Maple Leaf pub where the festivities are well under way.

And then I saw this:

Well. Isn't that interesting. Sheena wondered if maybe festivities got out of control last year. But it seems that between World Cup Fever and a big old pint of London Pride, the thought of a few hundred Molson soaked hosers was more than the bobbies could possibly handle.

So, Friday it was.

Caught the last couple of hours of the live music at Trafalgar Square. Ron Sexsmith was just lovely.

It was great fun, despite the fact that the specially procured Molson Canadians were piss warm and in very short supply. Hilarious running into ex-colleagues from 8 years ago minutes into the event.

I AM a Compromiser!