Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sears Really IS the New Eaton's...

Beautiful afternoon in Toronto, so Sheena embarked on a brisk 30-some minute walk downtown to the Eaton Centre to do her share to stimulate the economy.

And to show that I'M NOT AFRAID TM. Yeah, whatever.

The good all purpose nylons that are a Sheenawear staple were 30% off at Sears, so grabbed a half-dozen and sauntered over to the desk that was ironically named "Service".

There were 3 clerks. A line up of about 8 people. Because it was only the accessories section, I assumed that turnaround time would be reasonably quick.

Two thoughts went through Sheena's mind, 10 minutes later. One was the annoyingly overused daffynition of ASS-U-ME and the other was about Paul Desmarais.

I rememeber last year chuckling with other online compadres about the 2005 Statememt by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives which rails against the falling productivity of Canadian workers and then reading the list of signatories which were mostly old men who'd had their fingers in political pies for years. But today made me think again.

Perhaps Sears had read that stunningly brilliant document and decided to transform their customer service kiosks into multi-tasking all purpose one stop transaction centres. Sales, Returns, Exchanges, Credit Card Applications! All with one stop!

Because that's the kind of stuff that was going on in front of me. Multi-minute transactions per person. Productivity must have been improved, because these customers didn't have to go to 3 different places to buy sunglasses, return some shoes and process a card application.

Yay Productivity. Hope it pays off for the company. Because it was the Bay who got my $30 bucks, after I got sick of waiting in line.


At 10:23 PM, Blogger Leatherhands said...

For the priviledge of having a membership at the Ontario Science Centre, one gets to stand at the "Membership" desk behind three or four people who appear to be re-mortgaging something, whilst my children climb the walls/my shirt/my hair. One needs only glance behind them to see the proletariate in the much larger commoners line being moved through with brisk efficiency. (Comparatively.)
Suggestions that maybe a simple flash of my card at various check-points should grant me a smile and a "thank you" nod for my generous contribution to the organization while being rushed through to awaiting science pleasures, only prompted stunned looks from the baffled teenage staff.
Did I mention how many times I have to show my ID to prove that I am indeed the person named on this highly revered card? (Three.)
My quip that I had no idea this was such a hot ticket on the black market earned me equally stunned looks. I don't normally do crabby well, but today I was red hot!

At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should know by now Sheena, you get far better points with HBC than Sears anyways.


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