Saturday, June 03, 2006

Remote Controlled Taxis

Some of my readers may not be fully aware of some of the technological advancements made in the area of cars-for-hire in recent months, but let me be the first to introduce the "Remote Controlled Taxicab".

Perfect for those late night trips home from the pub with giggling girls in the back seat and an exasperated gentleman in the front. No more embarrassing conversation to be overhead by strangers. No more dirty looks when burps turn wet. Always get to the right address on the first try.

I confess at first I didn't even realize that we had lucked out into riding with such a neato prototype. Sitting and praying for a safe carriage home after an evening of festing with all and sundry at The Artful Dodger pub on Isabella & Yonge. My trusty sidekicks noticed it first. I asked "WTF are you guys laughing about". Between snorts and tears blocks later they finally were able to gasp out the fact that "nobody is driving the taxi". I craned my neck to see what she was talking about. And holy shit. It was true. See for yourself.

Yes, a Toronto first, folks. Sheenavision delivers YET another travel scoop.


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