Thursday, June 01, 2006

Boy Was MY Face Red

The intended agenda that ran through Sheena's head at 5 am: Wake up, catch flight, hail cab, go to conference.

The agenda that actually happened: Wake up, catch flight, bump into unexpected party at Gate U, share limo to meeting, defer conference to Day 2.

Back and forth to Bush Gardens this week and next and was happy to get to the hotel for the kick off of the 5pm hospitality hour in the lobby bar.

Saunter up, eye the selections, and as I flip my humidity protected Day 2.5 coif over my shoulder, I turn up my nose at the Merlot and the Jamaican Stubby beer on ice and ask for a white wine.

"Mon Dieu", the bartender from Kentucky exclaimed, his pink skin flushed with indignation. "Vee only serve RED wine here at Hotel Rouge!"

"Oui oui.. but of stupeeed of me". Sheena replied, blushing just a little for not getting the joke soooner.

So I sucked back of couple glasses of free eco-friendly certified organic screwtopped Full Circle Merlot

Hotel guide tasting notes: "Vibrant and Juicy, this smooth Merlot finishes with supple tannins and a kiss of spiciness from oak".

Whatever. Just don't try to slip me the tongue.


At 2:18 AM, Blogger Havril said...

But what colour was the toilet paper?

At 8:22 AM, Blogger Sheena said...

But new rolls ARE wrapped up in red tissue.

At 10:05 AM, Blogger Leatherhands said...

So, it's a one-armed man conference?


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