Monday, June 12, 2006

Enjoy Fine Dining in Great Restaurants Without the Messiness of Having to Actually Talk to People!

Today's discovery: Well, not "exactly" discovered today. I've seen a couple of people use it before and have been intrigued. But today Sheena signed up for her very own account and has her first 100 "dining points" sitting her in inbox.

Cool concept. Login at your convenience 24/7 to make restaurant reservations at any number of thousands of places world wide. Send out cutesy stupid invitations to your party. Automatically export to Outlook Calendars. Neato...

My only worry is that the E-bay fever that I've so adeptly avoided will mutate into a new form with this service after reading this little gem buried in the FAQs...


At 12:30 PM, Blogger Crazylegs said...

Ok, this is embarrassing. OpenTable lists a few participating restaurants in Kitchener and Windsor, Ontario - but London has zilch! I mean, Windsor? Kitchener? My beloved London, Ontario is nothing if not saturated by restaurants (ok, and malls). What gives?


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