Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vin Volant

Discovered what the Wall Street journal referred to as "a suave chain of wine bars with first-rate help the buffeted traveler endure aviation hell". That might be pushing it just a tad.. but yes. Dammit, Sheena liked Vino Volo. Found it connecting thru PHL earlier this month.

Per my usual habit, started with the local specialities. I feel compelled to. Sheena's rammed more VQA Canadian wine down unsuspecting visitors throats than has probably been appreciated, so I am obliged to test the local plonk no matter where I am.

So began with a white flight (no.. not a political commentary on Philadelphia... git over yourselves) that included a Buck's County Viognier from Crossing Vineyards, a Lehigh County Vignoles (never heard of that one before) from Blue Mountain and a Chaddsford Delaware County Pinot Grigio. They all pretty much sucked, but were OK in an early 1990s Niagara kind of sweetish bland style. Another 10 years and might be worth a revisit.

Lovely local charcuterie plate. But what's with the red cabbage fixation. Had to pick it away so it wouldn't ruin the otherwise delicate smokey/salty edge of the meats.

Sheena has become a big fan of the warm citrusy garlicky olive plate. Very similar to what has become a regular snack at Hannah's Tapas Bar out here in Farmsville.

I repeat myself, Fuck Off Red Cabbage. You belong in a salad, not beside delicate creamy treasures. Stay with your own kind.

Next up was the Rosé flight. Spanish Rosado from Pirineos, an Argentinian Malbec rosé, Crios de Susana Balbo, rounded out by the French Negrette from Chateau Bellevue La Foret.

Overall winner the Malbec Rose. Tasting notes were pretty good... Cranberry & White Pepper. Stay tuned for Round 2.


At 3:54 PM, Anonymous Savage Patch said...

An outlaw slaw ?

Screw the salad, love the Kraut.

At 9:20 AM, Anonymous scout said...

at first i read 'vino volvo' and thought, perhaps, some swede was fermenting old car parts. not so and i'm a bit dissapointed.

famous stupid people is on the go!!!


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