Monday, April 21, 2008

Hotel Din Din

In the Category "Sounds better than it was" hier soir:

Walked my feet off in late afternoon, by the time I pulled myself out of a nap, was dark out and chose to retreat to the relative safety of the hotel lounge. (Even though Sheena is a tough and worldly chick, she is not stupid about solo walkabout after dark in strange cities).

Glass of local Riesling. Pleasantly fruity, not complex, but not sweet and not too sharply acidic to affect the food. Good recommendation from my swarthy (Turkish?) waiter.

Appetizer: The soup. Tahitian Vanilla-Scented Lobster. Oh baby. Frustrating because the potential for perfection was oh so close. Shocker, what I didn't like was the substantial dill garnish. Normally Sheena thinks dill goes with everything, including chocolate and creme brulee. But nope. Was out of place and overpowered the delicate not-sweet vanilla edge to the creamy (not chunky) slightly shellfishy soup. A tiny miscalc that just didn't work.

The Main: The house special - lamb served on a bed of roasted lima beans in a fresh tomato reduction. Cheese potato cake on the side. I liked the beans best. They were delish, a bit al dente and tomato was flavourful balance to the blandish potential of the beans. Fucking cocksucking chef overcooked the lamb. A bit tough and dry. Dammit. Potato cake was OK. Ate about half. Nothing special.

Second glass of fruity riesling then zonkoville in the room. Shoulda grabbed that hot sausage and nice chewy buns I saw on my walk earlier in the day. Wouldn't have ended the evening ever so unsatisfied.


At 4:42 PM, Anonymous Midnight said...

Ya snooze , ya lose ...

At 6:15 PM, Blogger raymi lauren said...

yuuhm looking

At 9:21 PM, Anonymous spy said...

the presentation looks beautiful.. too bad they were disappointing. PS Did you make that dirty joke on purpose? SATISFYING HOT SAUSAGE AND CHEWY BUNS? heheheheheh, sicko!


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