Saturday, April 07, 2007

More FUH2

Was a little grossed out to hear that indeed some Canadians are still stupid enough to consider buying the dirty disgusting wasteful monstrosities branded as "Hummers". Souped up Chevy Tahoes for the small dicked and more money than brains demographic. (Sorry TK, that's just the way it is).

Time to revisit one of my favourite sites, F.U H-2.

The H2 is the ultimate poseur vehicle. It has the chassis of a Chevy Tahoe and a body that looks like the original Hummer; i.e. it's a Chevy Tahoe in disguise.

The H2 is a gas guzzler. Because it has a gross vehicle weight rating over 8500 lbs, the US government does not require it to meet federal fuel efficiency regulations. Hummer isn't even required to publish its fuel economy (owners indicate that they get around 10 mpg for normal use). So while our brothers and sisters are off in the Middle East risking their lives to secure America's fossil fuel future, H2 drivers are pissing away our "spoils of victory" during each trip to the grocery store.

Valentine's Day, Huntington Beach, California:
More from same day:

St. Patrick's Day, St. Augustine, Florida:


At 12:32 AM, Blogger Jason Bo Green said...

These drivers are assholes, and I think it's great someone is making the connection between troop deaths in the Middle East and these jerk-offs.


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