Thursday, April 05, 2007

26 Hours in SheenaVilleLand

· 6pm - head down to meet pal in the hotel lobby.
· 6:05pm - see gaggle of greasy blacksuited muscle with wired earlobes milling about aimlessly
· 6:07pm - ask what the hell is going on
· 6:08pm - Bellman says "Oh, Prime Minster is here. He should be out in about 5 minutes.
· 6:09pm - head outside and see several black towncars with cherries on top. Decide to wait to get some pictures and strive to breath the same air as our dear leader
· 6:20pm - say "awww fukkit" and get bored of waiting, knowing that our other dining companions are expecting us in 10 minutes and the cabby is getting antsy.
· 11pm - turn in
· 5:00am - wakeup call
· 5:45am - in the taxi to airport. Hangar 32
· 7:00am - official notice that our aircraft can't land here because of low ceiling, but that they can get cleared in Hamilton so hop in white stretch limo to Hamilton toute suite
· 7:50am - Take the seat facing backwards because I've never done a take-off that way.
· 9:30am - land in Dulles and have the customs experience of a life time. Pre cleared, didn't even stick his head in the door
· 9:35am - climb into blinged out black limo for ride into Arlington VA.
· 10:00am - 5pm - yakkity yakkity yak
· 5:05 pm - back into blingmobile
· 5:45pm - hang out in the well-appointed luxe Dulles Landmark FBO lounge while pilot makes his phone call.
· 6:10 pm- take off, ensuring appropriate separation from the 777 in front of us.
· 6:40pm - crack open a cold Heineken and tell my Conrad Black encounter story. Hilarity ensues.
· 7:30pm - another customs clearance dream date. Didn't even have to get up.
· 7:35pm - in the cab back to pick up my luggage
· 8pm - sitting having a glass of wine in the Greyhound Bus depot bar. Listening to minimum wage roughnecks talk about upcoming hernia surgery. Tip well. Get in line outside for the 8:45 back to Toronto. Balance regained.


At 9:19 AM, Blogger whitenoise said...

BE200, nice little airplane as light turboprops go. Doesn't handle ice very well, though. (Tell you some stories later...)

And, now you gotta tell us the Lord Black story...

At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Fenderbender said...

when and where was the tampoon pic? You usually make such a big deal out of comps

At 12:35 PM, Blogger Sheena said...

That was in the ladies room at the Landmark aviation VIP lounge for passengers on private planes at Dulles. If you fly private you get free tampons. It's the way of the world, fender. Cruel, but true.

At 2:52 PM, Anonymous spy said...

oooh! Free stuff!

At 3:01 PM, Anonymous sooey said...

I almost made a lemon poundcake yesterday. Almost.

At 4:05 PM, Blogger Jason Bo Green said...

How dare Stephen Harper keep you waiting like that! He mustn't be familiar enough with your verve and wit.

His loss!

At 10:51 PM, Blogger Chuckercanuck said...

this is more disappointing than the original clean air act. you promised more than mere getting bored.

I demand a refund!

At 10:54 PM, Blogger pumpernickel said...

Was there any duty free? Were you able to pick up anything for your Easter Basket?

At 10:57 PM, Blogger Sheena said...

Chucker: hey, don't hate me because you got sucked in by the message spin.

Pumpernickel: No. Unless you count the extra tampon I shoved in my purse from the executive lounge can.

At 4:12 PM, Blogger Chuckercanuck said...

hate you? never!


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