Sunday, July 16, 2006

Six Time's the Charm

Sheena, my readers have often asked, how can I live the life of a glamour queen such as yourself, but on my limited budget? Today, ladies and gents, is your lucky day. I can share a little secret that only costs $10 US.

For just a couple of greenback fins, you too can find yourself covered in a snot rocket launched from 10 feet away. Enjoy the soothing cooling hydration of having your PBR draft elbowed all over your chest. Feel energized by the bounce and stretch needed to dodge flying empties. Experience the spa-quality system cleansing by eating the undated Slim Jims from behind the cash register.

Yes, it's a Shack*Shaker kind of night. Sheena's sixth time becoming part of the side-show stupidity patented by the likes of JD Wilkes, David Lee, Mark Robertson and the drummer who changes every day in a way eerily reminiscent of Spinal Tap.

I confess that seeing these southern gents in action has somewhat spoiled me for other live acts. "Sheena come see this band, they really rock out", "Well, maybe... so like does the lead singer stop a ceiling fan with his tongue?". "No". "Well, then why bother, eh?".

Youtube videos available here if you don't believe me.

Of their three released albums, Sheena probably likes the first - Cockadoodledon't - and the third - Pandelirium - the best. While she does not "dislike" the second - Believe - she feels strongly that being waken at 3am one morning to the screaming blaring sounds of the freight train which opens the main track "Agony Wagon" has somehow damaged the album for her moving forward.

They play in the shittiest scariest bars in predominantly blue collar cities. I've been able to partake in their charms twice in Buffalo (The Mohawk), Tallahassee, Chicago (Abbey Pub where I delighted and traumatized my Calgary and Atlantan friends, respectively), Austin (where they opened for Alannah Myles ex, Robert Plant) and now Pittsburgh.



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