Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Free Wireless Fills the Empty Soul

Skipped the cocktail party at the yacht club in favour of a long overdue nap after last night's Chocotini party and a quiet Sheena-alone-time dinner in the hotel bar. (House pinot grigio, crab cakes and calabrese salad with olive oil). Thank God for free wireless.

1. The Apprentice IX: You were never even hired, arsewipe

2. I didn't know Big Daddy's Crab Shack even HAD a kid's menu

3. Stephen Harper will be an international force to be reckoned with when he makes THIS Aussie radar.

I'm glad he said it because I also wondered if perhaps the infomercial fantasy of 2 'n 1 vibrator and margarita-maker had actually come true.

5. DAMN YOU, Everybody Loves Raymond re-runs.


At 11:01 PM, Blogger K-Dough said...

And the one-armed man?

At 7:49 AM, Blogger petite gourmand said...

you could have skipped the crabcakes and ordered swiss chalet instead...;)

At 8:44 AM, Blogger Sheena said...

One-armed man apparently does not favour the Westin Heavenly Bed, so the search continues. And no sign of a swiss chalet on the Magnificent Mile, PG, though the Cheesecake Factory across the street has caught my eye as a lunch possibility.

At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you really come across as a wannabe
cultured - not so much
good taste in wine - not so much
mean - a little bit to poor mimi - don't hate just accept that not everyone wants to be what you are trying so hard to be

At 2:45 PM, Blogger Sheena said...

Hey anonymous.
Bite me.

(and I'd recommend a lovely Lailey Pinot Noir to wash down that little swallow 'o wannabe Sheena).

At 3:05 PM, Blogger Sheena said...

I bet that's not even your real name.

At 10:24 AM, Blogger Leatherhands said...

I'm buying wine by the box now. A "wine expert" on the radio said that the vacuum sealed bag within preserves the wine much better than a hastily shoved cork in a bottle. The same guy (my new best friend) also said it's perfectly acceptable to drink a cheaper wine for daily consumption, saving the others for special occasions. (Dyeing my eyebrows, for example.)
There, I've said it. The box is now on my kitchen counter, not hidden in my laundry room.

At 12:14 PM, Blogger Sheena said...

I've been buying wine by the box for years. Just usually the box has 12 bottles in it where I shop.

At 12:54 PM, Blogger The Imp ;-) said...

This one time, at wine-camp...

I had to pick up a 5 gallon bucket of wine on my way out to visit friends in London, ON. I'm still scarred/scared.


Ciao, all you oenophiles...

Mark :)

At 4:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would drink and drive it.




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