Thursday, March 01, 2007

Men Who Run With The Kittens And the Women Who Tolerate Them

At Last! Tuesday night wandered over the the even-cooler-in-real-life Cameron House on Queen W. Everytime Sheena passed by the creepy crawly tenants she made a mental note to go there the next weekend, but always forgot. Then, finding herself unexpectedly home on a Tuesday night (thank you shitty weather at Washington Dulles), she jumped off the couch and dragged El Chaperone to see the favourite of the chattering asses: Run With The Kittens

It was the best thing I've seen in a while. Highly original, skilled musicians with a weird and twisted sense of humour that pervades every screech, yowl and whisper. Could easily make it a Tuesday night tradition, as so many others have for the last few years. Please please stop in to see them some time. Bring small bills.

Bought a CD for $10. Their new CD is being launched on March 16 at the Horseshoe. Seriously check out Youtube and their website for some funny commercials.

Oh. PS. It with heavy heart that I must put the Cameron House on Sheena's WTF were you thinking list. Yet ANOTHER cultured storied pub taking great pains to build awareness for local art, music, theatre. Only microbrews on tap. All wonderful. Until Sheena's eyes wandered up to the wine list. Fucking Yellow Tail. I give up.

OOH! Updated to note that RWTK will be at one of Sheena's fave haunts The Dakota tavern on March 8.


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