Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sheena Changes Wallets and Loses Her Shit

As mentioned on other parts of the innerdnets a few weeks ago, Sheena has suddenly fallen out of favour with her current black wallet. Said black wallet was a lovely and thoughtful replacement for her baby, the baby that was yes.. violently torn from her breast that fateful September in '05...

But go figure with no warning whatsoever, Sheena and her replacement wallet apparently are at odds relationship-wise. "It's not me, it's you", it says. Suddenly current wallet is jumping out of purses into semi-frozen dirty puddles.. staying back at the hotel and missing parties, and otherwise pissing me right off. So to my rescue comes Raymi who tips me off to Fun shit. Loads of cute and weird wallets and stuff. Ordered one and it arrived on Friday. Yay.

Not a small task, changing from a largish puffy wallet that hates your guts to a small streamlined one that lives by the same credo that you do. Removing 20 pounds of foreign currency. Czech koruna , British pounds, Swiss francs, Euros, couple of random Aussie coins, a few random US singles, some of that Singapore shit. Likely totals 50 bucks, but takes up half my purse.

Move over the essentials. Credit & bank cards. Drivers license & health insurance. Aeroplan Elite card. Second Cup stamp thingie. Safe Fishy guide (thanks Cheek). Put the B list hotel and airline cards into a separate pouch I'll keep in the purse but not wallet. Lean and mean for '09.

And then I found it. In the stack of old receipts and business cards and random crap stuffed in the back pouch. And even though the man du jour was sitting right there and never saw it coming, Sheena lost her shit. Yep. A big old ball of girlie tears. Don't know where it came from or why. Just had forgotten I couldn't throw it away. And it surprised me.

From the mean streets of Buenos Aires. It was a sunny day after a lovely afternoon and lunch window shopping in La Recoleta we were set upon by a rag tag bunch of preteen girls. They were dancers. They flitted and pirouetted around us, dressed up like wannabe ballerinas. They smiled and whispered and pointed at us. They were fundraising for their dance troupe. For 2 Argentine pesos, we could be a sponsor.

And to show their gratitude, they presented one of us with a gift to give to the other. And when it was given Sheena took it with a smile and a sense of happiness and peacefulness that she's terrified she'll never feel again.

the secret is the love you only find within your heart


At 7:15 PM, Blogger raymi lauren said...

love it!

At 10:16 PM, Blogger Sheena said...

Me too although I am pretty sure my dentist's receptionist leaned over and hit the 'call security' button when I whipped it out to pay for my cleaning yesterday.


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