Sunday, March 18, 2007

Best Sangria In The World (as at March 18, 2007)

At the recommendation of a friend, stopped in for a pitcher of Sangria at Columbia in St Augustine. Have not tasted anything like it before. Perfection. Sheena makes sangria every once in a while, usually when the red wine is shitty and there's a few oranges getting soft in the bottom of the fridge. But this is something else entirely.

Fascinated by how perfectly crystal clear it was. No murkiness from added juices like mine. A touch of something spicy like clove or cinnamon. Not overly sweet. Trick was to serve the fruit in the serving glass, not floating around randomly in the jug.

A must do. Food also looked fantastic, but didn't have any. Cabbage gas and all.


At 6:40 PM, Anonymous sooey said...

do you think they'd be mad if i asked for a non-alcoholic sangria?

At 11:28 PM, Blogger Jason Bo Green said...

Sheena, I've been babysitting for 9 days and away for what seems like a 100... I thought of you each time I took him out to a new kind of cuisine he'd never had the chance to try before back in our cowtown.

Erin Go Braghless is brilliant.


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